On the 100th Birth Anniversary of the beloved Father of Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, every citizen of Bangladesh salutes the symbol of our Independence and national hero. We firmly believe that there is no substitute for a parental role in the birth of a child, and there is no alternative to Bangabandhu in Bangladesh.

Deriving strength from the unforgettable words of Bangabandhu, “My greatest strength is the love for my people, my greatest weakness is that I love them too much”, we at Delta Life are pleased to introduce “HAPPY FAMILY” as our guiding principle in achieving the objective of creating a prosperous society which can emerge as a strong force across the globe.

My SONAR BANGLA is my family – a family which imbibes rich cultural heritage, unconditional love and support for each other, a commitment to grow and prosper together. This great nation has people at it’s heart and hence every ‘Happy Family’ personifies the soul of Sonar Bangla!

Happy families enjoy happiness, love and peace within the family and earn respect from friends, relatives and colleagues. Happy, healthy families also create happy, healthy children who are able to reach their potential and contribute to society in meaningful ways. Building a happiness habit around our children will help them carry the lesson throughout their lives. Strong and Happy families share few common traits enumerated as below:

A. Commit

When a couple truly commits to being together, through good times and bad, richer and poorer and in sickness and health, it creates a sense of security and peace that benefits everyone in the family. A committed family is one in which everyone knows that they are loved, important, and special to the others. They stick up for each other and stick together.

B. Celebrate

Happy families celebrate each other. They don’t wait for “occasions.” They are alert for little ‘wins” in life and encourage each other in their efforts

C. Communicate

Happy families pay attention to each other. They put down their devices and put aside their projects to listen fully when someone wants to share. They ask each other about their day and are truly interested in the answer. Kids who grow up in such families become understanding and communicative adults.

D. Care

People in happy families genuinely care about each other and show it. Their interactions are more positive than negative or critical. Members of happy families reassure each other of their love through both words and actions. Little expressions of thoughtfulness are just part of the family routine

E. Cuddle

People need to be petted, hugged, stroked and cuddled. Big hugs and small caresses are a big part of the nonverbal communication in happy families. They freely give and receive the warmth of affectionate physical contact.

Being a mother of two children, I personally believe that having a strong and happy family builds resilience in our kids and they are better prepared for inevitable challenges of life. Happy people not only feel better, they actually are more successful in their personal and work lives. Actually, happiness doesn’t come from Success, it’s the other way round – “Success comes from Happiness”!

Helping families become happy, become financially secure is the primary objective of each one of us at Delta Life. We are committed to bring smiles to people and ensure that they don’t buy products, but make a “love-decision” for their families. We together celebrate the success and wins of each of our family members, and stand firmly at tough times. Happiness isn’t an “extra” in life, it is important!

As we celebrate 2020 as Bangabandhu Centenary, we will continue to spread love and happiness for the people. I will continue to communicate with you to highlight the various dimensions of Life which calls for a “Happy Family”

Keep sharing your comments and views…

Adeeba Rahman, ACII (UK)
Chief Executive Officer

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